A formal welcome to TeePee Studios! And catching up!

October 2, 2017

Welcome to the officially revamped TeePee Studios website! The reason we decided to change is to remove most of the clutter we had on our original site, as well as make it easier to navigate through!

Naturally, this took a fairly long time. In fact, after re-adding in the backlog of blog posts from the old site, it appears the last post was in March! Poor form on me! So let’s fix this by catching you up to speed with what we’ve been up to over the course of six long and productive months.

Client Work

So, as we mentioned earlier, we undertook two clients: Salty Monster’s Staff Wars: Wizard Rumble and Nexus Production Group’s Friends, Foes & Fireworks.

Well in the last six months, Staff Wars: Wizard Rumble has been greenlit and made available to play on Steam! So if you are looking into playing a quick competitive arena game, be sure to check it out. Here’s their Steam page.

Meanwhile, Friends, Foes & Fireworks released their debut trailer! It managed to get screened and featured by Cinema Australia. The current release date for the feature hasn’t been set in stone yet, but it’s coming soon. Exciting!

Check out the trailer.

Additionally, we also helped out with the production of another short series called Seeing Scarlett. It follows the strange events surrounding 16-year-old Scarlett who discovers newfound abilities after receiving a box from her mother, who has been missing for 11 years. The entire first season is currently out to view on YouTube!

…and naturally a whole lot of other projects we can’t quite talk about yet! But never fear. All will be revealed.

We have even more to catch up on. Keep your eye on us, tomorrow, we’ll have the second part of this post up! Involving some information about Project S.E.E.D., and our newest production, Dragon Magic!

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