TeePee Studios presents: Dragon Magic

September 22, 2017

It’s FINALLY here! It is with great pleasure and joy that we announce our brand new children’s cartoon show, Dragon Magic. If you recall, many moons ago, we announced that our team had expanded with a whole new unit. This new unit is the animation team that we have working on this show.

We have now added them into the ‘About Us’ section of the site, but we want to officially welcome Kristina Demar, Liam Gatley, Cameron Pitt-Downton, Alison Thomas and Jesha Honey. We’re so happy to have such talented people onboard.

Dragon Magic is a show that follows the silly misadventures of a young boy named Riley who wants to be a wizard, and his friend, a dragon named Bean! The two live together with the poor weary old shepherd on his farm. Together, the three of them learn the intricacies of living a humble life on a farm, with a sprinkle of magic!

We’ll be sure to keep sending updates for both Dragon Magic and Project S.E.E.D.

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