The Gang Goes Nuts at Oz Comic-Con

July 2, 2017

We had an absolute blast at Oz Comic-Con.

From meeting cosplayers to fellow creative people, we had the incredible chance to show off Project S.E.E.D. to the public for the first time ever! We have been absolutely humbled by the feedback and response so far on our Indiegogo campaign. If you were at the event, you had the lucky chance to be in the running for a brand new T-Shirt of Project S.E.E.D. All you have to do is post a selfie of yourself wearing the helmet used on set at our booth for a chance!

There are far too many pictures to show off from our time at Comic-Con, so check out the rest of the shots we took on our Facebook!

We’re gearing up for the next phase of our campaign. In about two weeks time, we intend to start shooting for the final half of the Prelude. We’ll be doing streams and posts on our social media, so follow us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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