Waking up at the end of Week 2 after a well done job

July 29, 2017

It’s Saturday already? My word, the week has simply come and gone in the blink of an eye. Shooting Kane’s Chapter for the past week has been completely smooth sailing. Not only that, we had a brilliant time at Beta Bar, with a fair few of us recovering from such a big night. The number of people who came in to talk to us was incredible! Thank you so much for making our night so much fun!

Unfortunately for everyone, our very own Thomas Sutcliffe dominated the Mario Kart matches. However, all of our Deathclaw eggs were found

Just going to do a spot of recovery, then we’ll be back at it for the third and final week of shooting! Well, judging by our schedule, it’ll be a half week. In any case, be sure to check us out on Facebook. If you have been following, you’ll also see that we revealed our next promotional poster mere moments ago! Introducing Kieran Cochrane as the young and hopeful Elijah McAllister

And as always, be sure to continue to support our Indiegogo campaign any way you can! We’re getting there!

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