WE MET OUR GOAL! Among other things

August 5, 2017

Talk about a close shave. We managed to hit our goal! And it was all thanks to the generosity and kindness of everyone that helped us out during our campaign.

So what next? Well, with the money we now received, we will be working towards those licenses for software and purchasing hardware which will help us produce Project S.E.E.D. much faster.

Speaking of, we wrapped up the final shot for Project S.E.E.D. Prelude yesterday! From beginning to end, the team worked tirelessly and efficiently. Thanks to that, every single shot we needed came out perfectly. Now it’s simply a matter of fixing it in post!

Now that the shoot is done, and the campaign has succeeded, it seems only right that the entire team is able to finally get together and celebrate with a pint. Cheers for the incredible work and talent of everyone involved, and the people who helped to support our endeavors.


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