Wrapping up Week 1 of production!

July 22, 2017

As we wind down an INCREDIBLE week of shooting, we want to take the opportunity to thank the talented actors, actresses and crew members who jumped in and worked tirelessly throughout the shoot.

Week one was a success! We managed to take care of all the scheduled shots ahead of the aforementioned schedule. Looks like our mini bet with Peter might be a reality. What was the bet? Ah, you’ll find out if we ever end up recording it.

The first week of shooting involved the finalized shots for chapter 3 of the Prelude. This revolved around Doctor Elena Bayrak’s (played by the amazing Diana Stathis) perspective of the events on Freyja. From there, we started the prep work for the last two chapters next week, which promises to be just as successful as this week!

Additionally, we unveiled the next two crew promotional posters, featuring both Diana as Elena Bayrak and John Frankland as the ship’s Chef Conrad Hautner. You can have a gander below!

As always, be sure to continue your outstanding support by pledging and sharing our Indiegogo campaign! Despite the incredible support so far, we’re not out of the woods yet. Let’s keep it up!

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