DimensionsVS Update

March 2, 2018

This week’s updates include more bug fixes and build updates, plus our brand new trailer has been completed and its now waiting for the final approval before it goes live. We can’t wait to show you. Our artists have been working hard on new 2D particles and our coders have updated HUD work such as the player health icons, remaining life icons and other non-interactable information. We have been enjoying versing each other in the office with the usual taunting of friends, laughter over the booths and yelling “Get rekt scrub!” that you would expect from a platform fighter game.

Dimensions VS has really come a long way and its coming time to let the public test it out for themselves. And next week on March the 10th you will get the opportunity thanks to Pixel Bar & Cafe, who will be hosting us for our first Free to Play event for 2018. You can find all information for that event in the event link below.

This will be the first of many events and we hope to see you there!
Thank you for checking in on this week’s blog update and we hope you have a lovely weekend.

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