Staff Wars: Wizard Rumble update

June 26, 2018

We are proud to announce that the new Staff Wars: Wizard Rumble update has finally arrived!

Firstly, we have re-worked several mechanics:

  • The old modifier system was overly complex and clunky, we have changed this to now use presets, a bunch of premade gamemodes that players can easily and quickly switch between.
    (Though the old system is still there too for players who enjoy being in control!)
  • Updated settings menu to add volume controls.
  • The AI have new difficulties, ranging from easy to hard.

And now for the new features:

  • Chaos mode, a new way to play where the rules change each round.
  • AI have been added to online play, allowing you to fill out the matches without needing to wait for more players.
  • A brand new item, the Lightning cloud. Pick this up and be marked by a cloud that explodes after a few seconds that you can pass to other players by touching them.
  • Item modifiers. Adding an item modifier will change the way that item works, adding even more variety and ways to play.

With new ways to play and improvements, there’s no reason not to play! Staff Wars: Wizard Rumble will be 75% off during the Steam Summer Sale, so be sure to pick it up if you haven’t already!

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