Chroma Shift

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Leading up to the release of Chroma Shift, TeePee Studios was brought on board to help out with marketing and social media presence. Specifically to help the game have a better opportunity being publicized for the market.

Chroma Shift

The world is broken. Chaos and fear swept nations as they turned against one another. As the arms race accelerates, they developed robotics facilities in order to develop powerful and sophisticated armies of machines.

However, things go wrong as an unseen force subverts those armies and turns their own creations against them. Sundering any chance of peace for mankind.

CHROMA SHIFT is a cooperative, side-scrolling puzzle game, where the players utilize different colours throughout the environment to solve challenging puzzles. Set in a devastated future version of earth the players must uncover the secrets of the past and find a way to restore power to their home.

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DevOrDie Studios is an indie game development team in Melbourne, Australia. We are a team of gamers who found a passion in the creative world of games development. We focus on games that tell a story beyond the usual narrative style.s.



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