Dragon Magic follows the mishaps and adventures of a young learner wizard named Riley and a friendly dragon called Bean. They live on a farm with a grumpy but kind-hearted shepherd and his farm animals. The three of them have adventures that bring them closer together, teach them useful lessons and add a sprinkle of magic to their lives.
Dragon Magic is a completely CG animated children’s series, created with educational experiences and positive messages in mind. The show features three main characters who, through their mishaps and adventures, teach valuable lessons about acceptance and friendship.

Dragon Magic will be presented as short 3 minute episodes, with 8 episodes making up a season.

A young child who aspires to become a great wizard. Every day is a new adventure as Riley’s natural curiosity helps him overcome challenges and learn about the world of magic as friends and companions help teach him valuable lessons.

A young dragon that loves to cause trouble. Bean’s puppy-like nature leads to many playful instances, however due to overwhelming size and strength, Bean often causes more trouble than intended.

A little old man that lives a quiet life with his herd of sheep and family of chickens on a hill top close to a nearby village. The shepherd’s farm animals are a small, but friendly group.

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