Friends, Foes & Fireworks

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This production is TeePee Studios largest client VFX project, in regards to the number of shots. Our team produced 50 VFX shots for the feature film, mainly using clean up techniques to remove things like unwanted reflections, shadows, objects and event people out of the scenes. We also added digital fireworks to provide more flair to the in-camera fireworks for a sequence of shots.

Friends, Foes & Fireworks

Fiona has recently received a life-changing health diagnosis, so in an attempt to curb feelings of isolation and anxiety she hosts a NYE reunion with her closest female friends. However, not everything goes to plan.

Old tensions surface, past rivalries are reignited, truths are told and sparks fly, forcing each of the women to reflect on and re-evaluate past decisions going forward into the new year.

Shot in a single night, the craziest and most chaotic night of the year – NYE – relying on improvisation in acting and camera, Friends, Foes & Fireworks is an ambitious Australian, an experimental drama exploring relationships, love, friendship and the truths we try and fail to keep to ourselves. 

Directed by Sarah Jayne & Ivan Malekin
Produced by Sarah Jayne & Ivan Malekin
Starring Lara DeamWhitney Duff and Asleen Mauthoor

Skills Involved

Clean Up — Composition — Rotoscoping — Visual Effects


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