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TeePee Studios’ involvement in this production was twofold. We produced the opening title sequence for the short film whilst also adding muzzle flashes for the guns used on set.


When worlds collide where does a young boy stand? Set in 1940s Victoria, Half is about identity, love, and finding where we belong.

The Made in Melbourne film festival has launched its First Nation Script to Screen initiative, giving indigenous writers and directors the chance to tell an Aboriginal story – all the way from production through to being screened at festivals.

Directed by Sarah Jayne
Produced by Cory Corbett
Starring Lara Deam, Malik Keegan and Sermsah Bin Saad

Skills Involved

Composition — Motion Graphics — Visual Effects


Nexus Production Group

Nexus Production Group is a filmmaking collective driven by originality, creativity, and passion. Our skills are as diverse as our range of output and we strive for quality and artistic integrity in every project we undertake. Individually, each member of NPG is a unique emerging or accomplished artist; together, we are growing and only limited by imagination.


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