Seeing Scarlett

Out Task

Seeing Scarlett was a fun project to do. Due to the supernatural/spiritual nature of the show, TeePee had to add aura like energy pulsating off of certain actors over multiple shots. The last effect we were assigned was giving a scene a dream state-like feel. All the shots turned out great.

Seeing Scarlett

‘Seeing Scarlett’ is a metaphysical teen drama about Scarlett, a 16-year-old girl, who discovers she has healing and psychic abilities. Scarlett’s mother, Hazel, has been missing for 11 years and on her 16th birthday, Scarlett receives a mysterious box full of journals, crystals and more, that her mum left for her to receive on that day.

Scarlett’s world is turned upside down as she explores the first journal and begins to experience things that reveal there is more to the world than she ever thought possible.

Skills Involved

Composition — Lighting — Rotoscoping — Visual Effects


Rachel Soderstrom & Sodalite Productions

Rachel Soderstrom has been acting since an early age with a vision to write and direct her own film and television creations for many years. She has several projects in development through her newly established production company, Sodalite Productions. 


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