Out Task

The studio had to create and apply multiple different effects across several shots. Some of these effects were digital ash magically falling from the ceiling, burnt lettering magically etched into paper, and a magical flame burning a circle in a piece of paper.


Witches is a modern world fantasy about a family of magically gifted women, scattered and estranged after the tragic death of their father. 

With her sisters having abandoned magic and each other, youngest daughter Fae turns to her powerful gifts when their mother Charlotte falls ill. In doing so, she inadvertently reveals a dark secret in their bloodline, one that has remained a secret for thousands of years.

WITCHES is a potential Australian TV Series in current production for the pitch pilot. The production, created by many Australian creatives is in pursuit to create more work for the talent in Australia and improve the TV and film industry. WITCHES began production in March 2016, filming the trailer for the pilot. 

Skills Involved

Composition — Rotoscoping — Visual Effects


Natassja Lindrea & Witches PTY LTD.

In 2015, Natassja Lindrea formed Witches Pty Ltd, now primarily focused on the production of Witches TV Series. Natassja was drawn to theatre and acting because they gave her an outlet to experience ‘other realities’. 


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