A fire-type cat monster, Empurr broke free of his original trainers to pursue independence before being ripped from his own dimension to take part in Televisors crazy game show.

Empurr is one of the lightest characters due to his small stature. He is fierce, and his ability to empower all his special attacks makes him particularly frightening to fight.

Neutral Special


Fling fireballs at your enemies, but beware they lose damage the further they travel.

Up Special


Throw yourself upwards into the sky. Fly further if the ability is empowered.

Side Special


Leap into a corkscrew attack that knocks back your opponents.

Down Special


Empowers your next attack to be stronger and more damaging.


Hiro is a brave, bold, and beautiful superhero, adored by millions of fans. He is ripped from his world and thrust into the nefarious Televisor’s fighting arena.

Hiro is one of our faster and heavier characters, combining style and speed for a unique play style! He excels at punishing his foes in close range and getting there without giving them the chance to react.

Neutral Special

Sparkle Love Cannon

Hiro’s blaster fires projectiles which power up as he deals damage.

Up Special


Sprout angelic wings and soar upwards, leaving a trail of sparkles.

Side Special

Dazzle Dash

Propel yourself forward with your rocket boots, damaging foes.

Down Special

Glittering Eagle

A massive punch capable of flinging opponents off the stage.



May Rose is a tenacious, creative and energetic inventor! Known throughout her universe for her floating workshop which is packed full of her crazy inventions, she’s the genderbent Fix-it Felix of the DimensionsVS universe who is enraged after being ripped from her dimension! 

May is our projectile master character – she works the best at long range and is excellent at playing keep-away with her opponents!

Neutral Special

Wrench Throw

Throw your massive wrench at your opponent.

Up Special

Personal Evacuation Unit

This propeller charged gadget is capable of lifting May into the air.

Side Special

Shock Gear

Throw an electrified gear that rolls along the ground and stuns foes.

Down Special

Build Turret/Wrench Smack

Drop a dormant turret and build it with a few wrench smacks.



Darkness is all that comes to mind when Metorias is around. Little is known about him. One second you may see Metorias, the next there may be nothing there. Or simply a blade coming directly at you.

With the ability to disappear and reappear, no one truly knows what is coming. They only have records on Metorias’ appearance and the unorthodox blade that he uses.

Neutral Special

Soul Nova

Channel nearby souls and release them in the form of a powerful explosion.

Up Special

Soul Flail

Extend your whip-sword to it’s full length, throwing yourself vertically.

Side Special

Vorpal Slice

Phase from the dimension, teleport and perform an attack all in one.

Down Special


Metorias counters attacks, and if successful unleashes a powerful counterattack.



Major Renegade is a tough as nails, genetically modified supersoldier, who is best described as Earth’s most infamous hero. Renegade tears paths through battlefields using all sorts of advanced weaponry, they are most renowned for their use of their Hardlight Glaives.

Renegade is the slowest, heaviest character in the game – the tradeoff is their extremely hard-hitting moves that can easily make up for more than a few hits! This promotes a methodical approach to combat, where Renegade must predict an opening and throw their attack out early!

Neutral Special

Hardlight Grenade

Speciality grenades that turn into miniature minefields when detonated.

Up Special

Destiny Ascension

A powerful jet boosted uppercut that launches foes skyward.

Side Special

Reckless Charge

A quick charge to close the distance between you and your foes.

Down Special

Orbital Descent

A shield which you can overcharge to send nearby players flying.



Televisor is the antagonist of our game – it was he who ripped the rest of the roster out of their respective universes! He’s possibly undead, very funky, and has a certain love for combining dance moves with bone-snapping acrobatics.

As it stands, he is one of the floatier characters in the game – making him much lighter and easier to launch off the stage than others, but with far more combo potential and a higher skill ceiling.

Neutral Special

Commercial Break

Charge up a powerful strike that shatters opponents shields.

Up Special

On The Air

Propel your head skyward, activate the ability again to regenerate your body.

Side Special

Static Shuffle

Attack your opponent with a flurry of dazzling dance moves.

Down Special

Stunt Double

Project an image of yourself that rushes forward and performs an attack. Activate the ability again to swap positions with the double.


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